Finalize the offer

In order to be paid effectively please ship out the device(s) within 3 business days of when the shipping label has been sent to you.

Q – How do I ship out my device?

A – Once you finalize the offer for your device and/ or fill out the model and condition of your device(s) a shipping label will be sent to your email and your phone number if provided. All shipping labels must be shipped out with FedEx and FedEx only. When we inspect the device your balance will be available to be withdrawn.

Q – How do I know your company can be trusted?

A – ephone commerce has been buying and selling devices locally since 2017 and has now reached the web! Our mission is to be as efficient as possible when our customers are selling their devices to us. Trust goes a long way and that is why you can also get reviews from real time users down below.

Q – Is there anyway I can get paid instantly?

A – Yes you can get paid instantly, with our “wallet” system you have the ability to view your balance in your account on the “my account page” once we see that your device(s) have been shipped. In order to withdraw the balance the devices must have been inspected.

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